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#OUAT: 35 Reasons Why #SwanQueen Works

As a response to a recent article about “Welcome…” on, this resonse from halo1985 was posted.  If you ever wanted a reason why #SwanQueen should be canon…here are 35 of ‘em…

Reason why Swan Queen is the perfect ending, SWEN isn’t making this up and were are not delusional
Right now they are both to screwed up to be in a relationship but why can’t go from Enemies to friends then something more
1) Because if Emma were a man Swan Queen would be obvious from the begging
2)Love/Hate relationships are not impossible and most of the time the most amazing
3)modern day Romeo and Juliet
4)Emma was the only person to stand up to Mayor Mills,
5)They have the best banter ever
6)Emma is the only person who could cut down Regina’s tree and still be standing
7) Because Regina is the reason Emma stayed in StoryBrooke
8)Emma made Regina magic work
9)There are several parallels between Emma and Daniel
10)Emma has saved Regina’s life
11)Regina has saved Emma’s life
12)They share a son, and can’t agree on much other then they both love him
13) Emma broke Regina’s curse, which could be symbolic of something deeper
14)There are many parallels between Snowing and Swan Queen
15) They are yin and yang/ two sides of the same coin
16) Regina will never have to see any one crush Emma’s heart
17)They were both manipulated into there destiny
18)They both want love, a home, and a family they just go about getting it differently
19) How funny would it be to see Snow’s face when she found out.
20)When Emma wish not to be alone on her birthday, Henry showed up to take her home to Henry and Regina
21)The show is about true love, true love doesn’t care if you are black, white, a man or a woman.
22)Emma is the only person to say “She isn’t the Evil Queen here, she is just Regina”
23)Eye Sex
24)This is not just some lesbian agenda, I am not gay and I totally ship it because it is a really good love story and you don’t have to be gay to see it
25)Adventures with Cora Mills greatest Swan Queen fan fic ever you will fall in love with all the charters you hate and see that they can be more than what they are.
26)Emma opens the door for Regina without pants. Regina tosses Emma an apple, and Emma catches it (an ancient Greek marriage proposal and acceptance of the proposal).
27)Enjoy my shirt because that’s all you’re getting.”—Emma is wearing Regina’s shirt.
28)Regina asks Emma for help with Henry. Regina & Emma almost kiss at the mine. Regina: “He’s my son.” Emma: “He’s my son too. You’ve been sitting behind a desk for 10 years. I can do this.” Regina steps in close,”Just bring him to me.” Regina stares down at Emma’s lips. The tension is smoking. Emma blushes and looks down, unable to look her in the eye as she backs away
Divorced lesbian mommies in a custody battle. “Miss Swan, I’m giving you 30 minutes with Henry. Take him out. Buy him ice cream.” Emma & Regina wear the same red turtleneck. Regina makes the comment, “True Love’s Kiss will break any curse”—leading to the logical conclusion that to break the curse, the Savior must be the True Love of the Evil Queen who cast the curse in order to be the only one who can break it. (Sadly, this isn’t how the curse breaks, but it would make a LOT of sense.)
30)Emma slays a dragon and immediately afterwards unties Regina who has been bound and gagged to a chair. White Knight, Damsel in Distress
31) Episodes 2 through 7 (at least all the ones we see Regina in): Regina wears Emma’s shirts while Emma is in FTL
32)If Regina never cast the curse Henry would never have been born
33)Season one Regina had no concept of personal space
34)Sometimes Princesses don’t need a prince to be happy
35)It’s one of the few things that actually makes sense on this show

So there….


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